• 10.07.2019
    Saur Saint Martin informs all its users that following the customer listening « let’s connect » carried out from March to May 2019, some meters are not listed in the customer files. Saur invites all...
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  • 08.07.2019
    Due to essential maintenance work on the water production plant, disturbances or pressure drops can be felt on Thursday 9 July during all the day on the French Side.
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  • 16.06.2017
    Ministry of VSA has the responsibility to ensure that the drinking water that is being delivered to the community is safe.
    Wednesday, the Inspectorate released a statement “Indeed some hotels on the island have tested positive for legionella which can happen due to various causes. Those that were tested positive do have...
  • 13.02.2017
    A business group is being created for the construction of the three solar units.
    "The Board of directors gave approval for the process of creation of a grouping with Arkolia", announced Wendel Cocks, president of the Semsamar at a morning press conference on Monday. With the...

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